Sunday School Classes

Sunday Class Schedule @ Trinity
9 a.m.:
  • Godly Play 1:  An introductory Godly Play experience for Pre-schoolers and Lower Elementary Schoolers.
  • Godly Play 2:  The spiral curriculum deepens in this Godly Play class for upper elementary schoolers.
  • Youth Sunday School: Using a variety of resources, Middle and High schoolers explore the lectionary scripture of the day and apply it to their own lives.
  • Old Testament Studies: class offered to those whose interest lies in how the Old Testament impacts upon us today, in contemporary times. (Upper Level, Vestry Room)
  • The Wired Word: While The Wired Word is not “officially” meeting as a class, many enjoyed the topics and conversation. We will still be leaving the print out of topics in the library for any who wish to read/discuss.(Main Level, Library

11:15 a.m.:                     

  • Book of Common Prayer and Me: Dr. Richard Gildrie continues his in-depth exploration of the Book of Common Prayer.
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StartSunday, April 29 9:00 am
EndSunday, April 29 10:00 am
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