Annual Giving Campaign FAQs

All God Has Given –Annual Giving Frequently Asked Questions?


What is pledging and why is it important to pledge? Each of us had the opportunity to renew, or make, our commitment to one another and Trinity Episcopal Church – a pledge which is “a solemn promise”. Annual pledges support what we all do at Trinity and beyond our doors. Your yearly budget is driven by the generosity of our your annual pledges. Knowing what funding to expect, we can plan for the costs of our ministries for the coming year.


How much should I pledge? Christian giving is grounded in the understanding that our standard of giving should reflect our standard of living. Each of us is called to consider making a pledge that is both responsible and significant based on his or her financial situation.


Do I have to pay at the time I make my pledge? Returning your pledge card, or completing the pledge online, is a promise to pay. You make your pledge then fulfill your pledge in as many, or as few, payments as you wish throughout the upcoming year. Pledges are fulfilled on a calendar year basis, beginning January 1 through December 31 of each year.


Why should I pledge when I regularly put money in the offering plate? Loose funds collected each week do help to support ongoing life of the parish. Pledges are very important, however, because they allow us to plan responsibly and to establish a budget for the upcoming year. Pledging responsibly, based on your best estimate of the year’s income, is important. And remember, a pledge can be adjusted – up or down! – during the year if your circumstances change.


How long do I have to turn in my pledge card? Pledges may be submitted at any time (today even!) and throughout the year. However, to have a responsible 2017 budget, we do ask that everyone celebrate this fall’s campaign by submitting your pledge by the “IN GATHERING” on Sunday, November13, 2016. If you are not able to attend, you may submit a pledge online or turn in your card any time prior. We do ask for majority of pledges no later than Sunday, November 13.

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