Trinity’s Love in Action

Join Trinity for our 5th Sunday initiative: Trinity’s Love in Action. Every 5th Sunday Trinity’s 10 am service reaches out to the community by providing a service as we work and worship either off-site or sometimes on-site!

THIS Sunday, December 31, the 10 am service will be hosted at Trinity in Dorothy Conroy Parish Hall. We will learn about, and serve with, Nashville CARES.

Nashville CARES offers services annually to 60,000 Middle Tennesseans infected and affected by HIV/AIDS including:
HIV prevention education to more than 40,000 youth and adults, almost 17,000 FREE confidential HIV tests, and essential support services to 2,850 men, women and children living with the disease. Nashville CARES has a local office here in Clarksville within Trinity.

Blessing Bags for CARES Clients:
Please help us by bringing some of these items for Blessing Bags for clients of Nashville CARES. OR, you can email saying how much you are willing to contribute to this project, and we will shop for you.

We need travel sizes in these items: toothbrush, tooth paste, mouthwash, soap, bandaids, wipes, deodorant, small comb, socks, lotion, shaving cream, tissues, sanitary napkins, shampoo and body wash.

New Year’s Eve Pot Luck Brunch:

Join us after this service for a New Year’s Eve brunch! Anyone who wishes, bring a dish to share!


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