A Message from the Senior Warden

Posted on September 3, 2015

If you were not in church on Sunday, August 30, you missed the update on our search process.  We are making progress!!  The Search Committee has passed the baton to the vestry and we are at the interview stage of the process.  This dedicated group of folks spent many hours in weekly meetings over many months on this important responsibility.  When you see them, give them a hand shake or hug and say “thank you”.  Now the process is in the hands of the vestry, a group of twelve parishioners elected and entrusted by you.  The vestry is responsible for making the final decision and issuing the call.  Let me assure you we have been preparing.  We have met with the Search Committee and listened to each and every one of them followed by open discussion.  We have focused on “listening”.  We have prayed together and asked God to lead us to follow His plan for Trinity Parish.  We have listened to the advice and counsel of Canon Snare.  Through it all, we are encouraged and excited about the days ahead.  We are all ready and eager to call a new rector.  However, we will not rush the process.  It is possible the baton could be passed back to the Search Committee.  We ask for your prayers as God’s hand guides us.  After all, He is the one in charge.  We just have to listen.


Sheila Foust

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