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Membership at Trinity Episcopal Church

We often get asked what needs to happen in order to “join” our Church. The short answer is you just need to show up! We welcome anyone and everyone to join us for worship on Sunday mornings or at any of our church activities. We understand that first and foremost, membership in the Church means being part of a community that is drawn ever more deeply into relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Who is a member of the Episcopal Parish of Trinity Episcopal Church?

An “official” member of Trinity Episcopal Church is a baptized person who requests to be placed on the membership rolls of this parish. If you are Baptized, Confirmed, or Received at Trinity, you automatically become a member. A person who is a member of another Episcopal church can transfer their membership to Trinity through a Letter of Transfer. To learn more about Baptism, Confirmation, or being Received, email


Complete the Membership Form below to be added to our directory and/or to update your membership information:

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