An Update on Phased Reopening

Posted on February 12, 2021

Dear Trinity Parish,

In the midst of my maternity leave, the leadership of Trinity found it necessary to cease in-person services due to increased COVID-19 cases in our area. Since then, the cases continued to climb exponentially. It continues to be a terrifying time in our lives as we continue to see catastrophic loss of life in our nation and in our community. Mere days ago, we experienced the deadliest day we’ve ever had due to the pandemic. Blessedly, the cases have begun to decline and we pray that that trend continues. As the cases decline and more of our community has been vaccinated, please rest assured that the leadership of Trinity will soon be revisiting our phased reopening plan and negotiating parameters that allow us to meet safely in person.


I want to acknowledge the deep pain that we have all felt in not being together. The relationships that we depend upon have not been there. The weekly act of communion in our beautiful nave has been missing. The warmth we feel in our hearts while worshiping together is just not the same warmth we feel while watching YouTube. Our call and profound need to serve God has been diminished. I cannot make any of it better. I cannot “pray away” a global pandemic. All I can do is tell you that I feel it too. I feel this pain too. We are in this place together.


I recognize that this pandemic has gone on much longer than we expected. As members of Trinity – a rather long-lived parish! – I encourage you to take a long-term view of this time.  When we look back at this historical event in ten years, we want to be able to say definitively that Trinity’s response was the Christian response. We want to say that we responded to the death of almost 500,000 Americans appropriately and sacrificially. We want to say that we stayed faithful to our call to love our neighbor, despite worldly pressures.


I look forward to the day we can all gather together again! As vaccinations continue, a finish-line is finally (albeit distantly) in sight! Continue running the race with steadfastness and perseverance, as only a true disciple of Christ knows how. And, as always, if you find yourself tripping or stumbling, please contact me. If you are angry, if you are sad, if you are numb, if you feel unloved – call me. We are in this place together.


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