Coronavirus Update from The Rev. Meghan Ryan

Posted on April 24, 2020

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I am sure you have seen the news that the state of Tennessee, as well as our own community, is beginning the slow motion toward “opening.” I am encouraged that our local leadership is seriously considering the number of infections in these decisions to allow retail and other services to open. Our community leadership is encouraging strict guidelines of social distancing and hygiene for facilities considering reopening. I thank our mayors for taking extra measures to keep our community safe and healthy. 

Trinity will continuing to do our part as well – keeping our doors shut and continuing the work of the church from our homes. The Trinity community does not do “social distance” very well. We simply love each other too much to stay away. Handshakes, hugs, and kisses are regular parts of our worship. Holding each other’s babies, helping each other down the stairs, wiping away tears are the ways we serve Christ. It is what I love about this community. I’m glad we don’t do “social distance” well. But that means that we will need to be cautious in returning to the church building too quickly. I would never forgive myself if people got sick from coming to church. 

When we do return to the church building, we will all have to find new ways to express our affection, to worship in new ways. Social distancing and hygiene practices will be our new normal for quite a while. We will be sure to release guidelines when we (and the Bishop) believe it is safe to return to regular worship. 

Please remember that I look to Trinity’s members to be examples in this community. I ask you to be examples of Christ’s patience and compassion in the days ahead. I ask you to be examples of servant leadership. I ask you to listen to expert advice, wash your hands, stay home, and wear a mask even when no one else is wearing one. Our mayors have titled this next phase of our journey “It’s not about me.” This is an ideal that I know Trinity can get behind. We take care of our brothers and sisters. Not simply out of duty, but from love. A love that Christ commanded. 

Please know that I long for the day we can gather together in worship. I am here for you, always, and there are many ways I invite you to reach out to me if you need the shoulder of your priest. 

Your pastor,


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