February 2015 Update

Posted on March 5, 2015

The Rector Search Committee continues to move forward, and we have now completed two major projects. We have gathered statistical information and completed narrative responses for our ministry profile. These have been sent to the Diocese, and we are meeting with Bishop Bauerschmidt and Canon Pamela Snare to finalize our ministry profile. This information will be sent to the Office of Transitional Ministry for the review of potential candidates.


The following are highlights of what we learned from the survey:

  1. Trinity is experiencing average rates of satisfaction in overall parishioner experiences. Our data indicates that the interim period is going well and that we are adjusting well to Fr. Mickey Richaud’s retirement. We are experiencing an increase in energy among members, but the institutional support needed to harness this energy needs attention. In short, we need better organization and support.
  1. Our survey shows the potential for growth and faithful ministry. Members responded that integrating new persons into the life of the parish and providing support for persons in ministry areas are critical matters for the present and future. Churches that are considered transformational are places where members find meaning and purpose in their involvement. We are on the edge of being a transformational parish but are currently experiencing overall satisfaction which has not translated into higher energy. We need to concentrate on spiritual vitality and discipleship development.
  1. There is a high degree of satisfaction with worship and music. Respondents did not indicate that many changes need to happen to our current worship offerings. However, respondents gave a high priority to attracting new persons to the parish – particularly young families with children. Welcoming new persons into the parish requires that we concentrate on hospitality and incorporating new persons into the worship and leadership of the church. Areas of concentration may be providing an additional worship service on Sunday, cultivating new leaders, including more and different persons in the decision making process, and becoming more flexible in our institutional structures. In short, we need to listen to others and be willing to adapt our practices as circumstances require.
  1. Trinity is unique among parishes in exhibiting a high degree of theological diversity. We have members who have very different beliefs about the Christian faith. However, we do not exhibit an unhealthy degree of conflict. The overall spirit of the parish is respectful and tolerant of different viewpoints. Members find ways to work together on service ministries even if they differ in underlying beliefs and practices.
  1. Trinity is a church where people make commitments to church life. We have members who come from a wide geographical area to be here. When a need is clearly expressed and its importance effectively communicated, people will rise to the challenge. Our recent stewardship campaign is an example of good organization and leadership producing good results. However, if we do not effectively communicate, both through speaking and listening, as well as educate people on the importance of a certain matter, we can expect mediocre results. In short, people expect a high degree of leadership and respond accordingly.

The Executive Summary was prepared by our consultant based upon the information contained in a thirty (30) page report compiling the survey results and analyzing them in relation to other churches, primarily Episcopal churches. The Executive Summary and a full copy of the report will be available in the church office during regular weekday hours from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The five (5) different focus groups provided an additional opportunity to further clarify what we are learning and to listen to the ideas and thoughts of church members. All of this will come together in our parish profile, which will be completed within the next few weeks. The parish profile is our primary introduction of who we are and what qualities we seek in our new Rector.

Please continue to pray for our parish and its leaders during this time of transition. The Search Committee welcomes your comments, which may be addressed to any committee member or sent in writing to trinityparishcomments@gmail.com


Anne Finley and Mike Dale, Co-Chairs


Heather Fleming                                             Mark Hunter

Richard Gildrie                                               Lawson Mabry

Martha Hendricks                                           James Moore

Jan Hodgson                                                   Jesse Owens

John Holt                                                        Chris Smith

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