A Future with Hope

Annual Giving 2022

Hopefully, you’ve been praying this year’s Giving Prayer over these last weeks. Hopefully, your prayers are helping to clarify how, with the Spirit’s wisdom, you can contribute to the ongoing returning and sending that makes Trinity who we are today, and who we’ll be tomorrow.

Christianity was made for this: building bridges of homecoming and commissioning, sending and return, welcoming the stranger, and being sent forth to visit the sick and the hungry. Trinity is made for it, too, as is each one of us, a child of God in the image of God. To be clear, though: we are made to do this together, offering up all our skills, our hopes, our ideas, our money, and our hearts to answer God’s call.

Two areas of particular focus for us this year are Outreach and Youth Ministry. Two ministries that embody the idea of sending and return. As we seek to give fresh life to these two ministries, please consider what your part might be in encouraging that new life. How might you be involved in the sending and in the return?

You will find an online Estimate of Giving form below – tools to help you discern how God is calling you to give. With a past so full of grace, our future, thanks be to God, is likewise full of hope.

Thank you for your generosity and leadership — and see you Sunday!


The Rev. Meghan Ryan


  • Give thanks for all the resources — spiritual, theological, physical, and financial — that support Trinity’s indispensable work.
  • Celebrate God’s beautiful gift of “a future with hope.”
  • Contribute to the ongoing returning and sending that makes Trinity who we are today, and who we’ll be tomorrow.
  • Give a percentage of your income systematically.

Annual Giving Frequently Asked Questions, Click Here

Estimate of Giving 2022


I/we estimate to grow my/our giving by:

I/We estimate annually:
I/We estimate monthly:
I/We estimate weekly:
for an annual total of
I/we would like to give by:
*Parish Administrator will contact you.
Planned Giving:
I understand this estimate of giving may be revised or canceled at any time at my request.









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