“God, I hate my Job”

Do you find yourself struggling in your current occupation?

Are you having trouble finding meaning/joy/God in your work?

Do you find yourself wondering if your day-to-day actions *matter*?

Do you press the pause button on your Christian faith when you clock in?

If this describes you, please consider this new small group, facilitated by Mo. Meghan Ryan. It doesn’t matter if you work from home, work part-time, or work full time, or work MORE than full time. You spend SO much of your time in your work life and it’s time to marry your work and your faith. This will be a confidential, online group, in order to accommodate a variety of schedules. We will use Facebook Groups as our “meeting” platform. The time commitment is roughly one hour a week: reviewing content (videos/readings/podcast), reflecting on scripture, commenting/getting to know/relating with others in the small group, and – finally – praying for each other. All can be done in one’s own time. Commitment, confidentiality, and privacy will be especially important, so each member of the group will be asked to honor those norms. Please contact Mo. Meghan to sign up or with other questions at meghan@trinityparish.com. Please note that this will be a *small* group experience (6-10), so if there are lots of folks interested, multiple groups will be formed in order to honor the small group format.

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