July 2015 Update

Posted on July 8, 2015

The Office of Transitional Ministry listing for the Rector of Trinity Church was open for approximately sixty (60) days. Candidates made their initial responses to Canon Pamela Snare. Canon Snare conducted an initial vetting of these candidates, and we are pleased to report that she met with the Search Committee in the middle of June to guide us in our next phase of the process. A total of nine (9) candidates have submitted their initial profiles to be reviewed by the Committee. We are currently reviewing these profiles and will be conducting telephone interviews and checking references within the next month. Please recall that the names and information regarding these candidates are strictly confidential. We cannot disclose any information other than to assure you that several of the candidates show great potential for moving forward. The Committee is excited with the possibilities among these candidates. We look forward to the mutual discernment process of finding our new Rector. Please continue to pray for the faithful success of this process.


-Anne Finley and Mike Dale, co-chairs

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