Private Prayer Opportunities

Posted on July 24, 2020

Dear Trinity Parish,

The summer months have stretched on and we have not yet experienced a respite from the plague of COVID-19. The sick and healthcare workers continue to be in our prayers. And we continue to do our part to protect those that are more vulnerable. We wear masks, we wash our hands, and – although it is painful – we practice social distance. Churches continue to be places where the virus thrives and spreads so we continue to stay away. It is an act of love and sacrifice, I assure you.

However, I know that for many of you, it has not been easy. Trinity Parish has always been a place of sanctuary and respite amidst the chaos of the world. We want to continue to give you that sense of peace. Starting August 5th, we will be offering private prayer opportunities at the church. Only one household will be allowed to come at a time, so reservations will need to be made with the church office. The first offering will be to spend time in the Nave, participating in a private service of Spiritual Communion (or other personal prayer) while in the presence of the reserved sacrament – a symbol of Christ’s real presence in our lives. The second offering will be the ability to participate in the Stations of the Cross, by exploring our church property and praying at each outdoor station.

I know that we are all starving, in a way, for this community. My fervent hope is that our community continues to take the threat seriously and we begin to see cases decline, thereby allowing us to begin meeting in small groups. Until then, we will continue to unite in prayer and in practice. We will continue to worship together, care for each other, and study the Word of God. Please know that your priest would love to chat and catch up at any time as well!

To sign up for private prayer at Trinity, click on the sign up below or call (931) 645-2458.



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