Rector Search

Posted on October 11, 2022

December 24, 2022

The Rector search committee will be meeting with Canon Jody Howard January 15 to review the next process. The Diocese is in the process of receiving applications and will review and approve them prior to sending to Trinity. The search committee will then schedule Zoom interviews with the interested candidates. Stay tuned for more updates at the February Annual Meeting.

October 11, 2022

The search committee is excited to announce the completion of Trinity Episcopal’s Parish Profile [Download PDF], which is now posted on the parish website, The Parish Profile is a tool to help aid us in our search for a new rector. Using information gathered from our parish survey as well as with the input of clergy, Vestry, Canon to the Ordinary, and Bishop.

October 7, 2022

The Search Committee is ready to proceed with receiving candidates for Rector for Trinity.

The first step is for our congregation members to have a chance to nominate an ordained Priest whom they know, and think would serve us well.  If you have a candidate in mind, please first contact that person to be sure they are receptive to being nominated, then email them the Candidate Nomination Form found online here. or complete a paper form in the church office. All nominations are confidential. A completed paper form should be put in a sealed envelope for Jan Hodgson and Sheila Foust or email the online form to Bethany Kelly (all will be kept confidential). These will be sent to Canon Howard in the Diocesan Office. Canon Howard will soon publish our Parish information to receive external candidates. Thank you for your help and your interest. It is exciting to begin this final phase of our search.

March 2022

Trinity’s Search Committee Announced

Trinity’s vestry is pleased to announce that the following individuals have been appointed to serve on the Rector Search Committee. We want to thank everyone who submitted their names or nominated someone else in the parish to serve on the Rector Search Committee. Many names were received reflecting a keen interest in this process as well as an eagerness to serve our community. This is an incredibly important responsibility and the committee will welcome your prayers.

We will be posting the names with bios and pictures on Trinity’s website in the near future.

Rector Search Committee

Jan Hodgson, Co-Chair
Sheila Foust, Co-Chair
Lesli Eiland
Adam Fleming
Will Green
Beth Mabry
Lisa Méjeun
Titus Neville
Brian Schafer
Josh Sharpton
Chris Smith
Ric Williams

The vestry has issued the following charges for the committee:

Vestry Charge to the Search Committee

1. Use the guidance and training of the Diocesan Transition Officer throughout the calling process.

2. Maintain open communication throughout the process with the vestry, congregation, parish administrator, diocesan transition officer, and candidates.

3. Keep track of search process expenses and inform the vestry if it appears that the Search expenses will exceed the search budget approved by the vestry.

4. Oversee the small group gatherings/holy conversation process that will provide much of the qualitative information to the parish for their profile.

5. Develop a parish profile/brochure to describe our parish, our goals, the responsibilities of the next Rector, the particular experience and skills desired in the next Rector, and current budget and financial status.

6. Develop an Office of Transition Ministry Community Portfolio for listing on the Office of Transition Ministry website ( The vestry must approve this before Canon Howard will post it to the OTM website.

7. After vestry approval of the parish profile/brochure and Office of Transition Ministry Portfolio, engage in a discernment process with the proposed candidates for Rector.

8. Recommend at least three final candidates, if possible, to the vestry for election as rector.

9. Involve the vestry in the on-site visits of the final candidates, with the vestry conducting the formal interview of the finalists.

10. Help plan the Celebration of a New Ministry and assist the vestry and the rector during the first six months to introduce the rector to the parish and community.

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