March 2015 Update

Posted on March 20, 2015

On March 16 Trinity Church’s Community Portfolio was officially entered into the database of the Episcopal Church’s Office of Transitional Ministry. Interested clergy may now view information about our parish, including links to our website and parish profile, and the salary and benefits we are offering a rector on the OTM website. They are instructed to contact Canon Snare in our diocesan office if they are interested in the position. Many clergy have an OTM portfolio and the diocese may now use this database to search for potential clergy, who, at this stage, may have no knowledge of our parish or our search for a new rector.

Nominations for Trinity’s rector will continue to be received by the diocese through April 20. If you know of someone you would like to nominate for the position, pick up a nomination form at our church office. Return the completed form to the designated box at the office or mail it to the following address: The Rev. Canon Pamela Snare,, Diocese of TN, 3700 Woodmont Boulevard, Nashville, TN 37215. It may also be emailed to

By completing the OTM portfolio and the parish profile (now available on our website) the search committee has finished the first task in the process and moved into the second task, securing nominations. Once Bishop Bauerschmidt and Canon Snare have completed their initial screen of potential candidates, an official list of candidates will be presented to the search committee and we will move into the third task, devising a screening process.

Please continue to keep the members and the work of the search committee in your prayers.

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