Trinity’s Staged Plan for Reopening

Posted on June 12, 2020

Updated March 10, 2021

In Person Worship Resumes March 7

Due to lowering COVID numbers, Trinity has made the decision to return to in person worship. We are also stepping back to Stage 3 of our reopening plans.

Stage 1: Preparation

  • Deep Cleaning
  • Preparation of worship space

Stage 2: Early Stage of Reopening

  • Parish offices reopen Tuesday-Thursday, 10am-2pm
  • We ask visitors to call or email ahead for appointments with staff and/or to make arrangements to be on site.
  • Visitors will be required to wear masks and, when appropriate, gloves.
  • Visitors will be required to practice social distancing.
  • Online Sunday/mid-week services will continue.
  • Meetings will continue to be conducted via Zoom.
  • Internal/External groups will not be allowed to meet on the property.
  • Special services (funerals, etc.) will be allowed with masks and other social distancing measures.
  • No singing will be allowed.

Stage 3: Later stage of Reopening (Dependent on COVID data rates)

 TWO Sunday in-person services will be provided: 7:30 am & 10 am.

    • 20 households or less will be allowed at each service
    • Households will pre-register online or by calling the church office (931) 645-2458.
    • Congregants will be expected to practice social distancing and sit in assigned pews
    • Masks will be required (for ALL attendees, vaccinated and non-vaccinated)
      • Anyone not wearing a mask will be asked to leave
    • Singing will not be allowed, though we will find other ways to provide music!
    • Offering plates will be positioned at each door
    • Volunteers will need to be organized/assigned cleaning tasks between each service
    • The 10 am service will be streamed or live streamed for those that cannot attend
    • Those that are 65+ or with high risk health issues who are NOT fully vaccinated or within 14 days of their vaccine shote will be encouraged not to attend during this stage.
      • We will continue to mail/email resources
  • Meetings will continue to be conducted via Zoom 
  • Internal/External groups of <10 will be allowed to meet in the Parish Hall
    • Groups will be responsible for cleaning/disinfecting the spaces they use, including the bathrooms
    • Masks will be required by all participants, vaccinated and non-vaccinated at all times.
  • No coffee hour or other food or beverages will be served by any group
  • Should anyone be diagnosed with Covid-19, we politely ask that they disclose the diagnosis to the church ASAP so that we may alert others that may have been in contact with the virus
  • No childcare will be offered for services/events/etc. Materials will continue to be sent home.

Stage 4: A New Normal

  Date TBA: (Date dependent on COVID data in our area.)  

  • Social distance seating and staggered services continue
  • Weekly services resume using same safety precautions
  • Most of Stage 3 designations will remain in place
  • We will begin to offer communion (in part) once again, observing strict safety measures
  • Lay Eucharistic Visits resume 
  • Nursery care resumes (subject to change based on research and data)

Stage 5: Population vaccinated

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