Confirmation/Reception 2020

Adults interested in being Confirmed or Received into The Episcopal Church, may sign-up to attend online classes with The Rev. Meghan Ryan. Please complete the sign-up form below. Confirmation and Reception will take place at Trinity toward the end of August with Bishop Bauerschmidt presiding.  Participants will be contacted with class details. If you have been baptized and/or confirmed, please make sure the church office has the dates for our records.

Confirmation is a mature, public affirmation of your faith, celebrated by the prayers and laying on of hands by our bishop. It is a celebration of your baptism and your desire to live out your faith in the Episcopal Church. If you were baptized as a child (in any denomination) but never did confirmation, this rite is for you.

Reception is for those who have been baptized and confirmed in a Christian denomination that has a ritual of confirmation (such as Methodists, Catholics or Lutherans) who wish to join the Episcopal Church.

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